Chibi done of me at FanimeCon 2008 in San Jose. ABOUT THE SITE

Hello, and welcome to JenniferColeOnline, a site dedicated to all my obsessions! I am currently in the progress of getting things up, mainly in the An Cafe section (as it's my current biggest obsession at the moment). By the end of the summer, most (hopefully all) of it will be done, and possibly even more sections will be added! It depends on how obsessed I get with something.

Because of my ever-changing obsessions, some sections may be replaced or gotten rid of over time. If I'm not as obsessed with it, then I just can't continue doing content for it. The sections of the Anime/Manga section will probably not be changed for a long time, though, if ever. The JRock section is likely to change some this summer, but only with additions; things probably will not be replaced.

There's not much content up right now, but there will be soon! Once there is, enjoy the site!
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